BBQ Area and Grill House

We offer a choice of several barbecue areas.

Finnish grill houses for a warm company of six people in any weather.

Outdoor BBQ area equipped with brick barbecue, cedar tables and chairs.

Rent a BBQ Area and Grill House

Stylish Wooden House with a Grill.

It is convenient to be in a company of up to 6 people, make a barbecue and have a great time after a hot russian banya at any season time!

The price includes: ignition, coal, disposable tableware, hot tea with Siberian herbs.

Outdoor Barbecue Area

The open-air barbecue area is equipped with: brick barbecue, cedar tables and chairs, barbecue grills, skewers, igniter.

Firewood, charcoal, disposable tableware - extra charge

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