Tunkinskaya valley

One of the most unique place in Siberia

Tuuinskaya valley is called "Siberian Switzerland". A unique microclimate and rare beauty of nature, an abundance of healing mineral springs.

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Tunkinskaya depression (Tunkinskaya valley) is a system of intermontane depressions of tectonic origin in the Eastern Sayan mountains in Buryatia (most of it) and the Irkutsk region, bounded by the Khamar-Daban ridges from the southeast.

The Tunkinskaya Basin is a continuation to the west of the Baikal rift zone. Its length from east to west is 190 km. From the south it is bounded by the Khamar-Daban mountains and the spurs of the Khangarul ridge, from the north by the Tunkinskiy loaches, from the west by the southeastern chain of the Big Sayan.

The basin includes six separate depressions, separated by narrowing of the bed of the Irkut River - Bystrinskaya, Torskaya, actually Tunkinskaya, Turanskaya, Khoytogolskaya and Mondinskaya

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