Baikal nature reserve

The territory of the reserve covers the central watershed part of the Khamar-Daban ridge with the highest point of Mount Sokhor.

The northern macroslope is located along the southern coast of Lake Baikal within the Kaban region. On the southern slope, the border of the reserve runs along the right bank of the Temnik River on the territory of the Dzhida and Selenginsky districts.

Visit the Baikal Nature Reserve

The reserve has a Museum of Nature, founded in 1971. The ornithological collection is most fully represented in it - 104 exhibits. The exposition of the museum is constantly updated. So, in April 2019, a new exhibit appeared - a stuffed seal baby that died as a result of human criminal actions.

An ethno-town has been created on the territory of the reserve. A number of excursions have also been developed and special ecological paths have been arranged.

The promotion of tourist groups along the southern border of the reserve is prohibited in accordance with the law on reserves (in the old editions of the 1950s and early 1960s, published before the establishment of the reserve, there are many references to categorical tourist routes in this area)

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